Our Staff
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Our Staff

Renaudo Mercedes, Cravero Valentina, Cavallera Nicolas, Bruno Massimo, Giordano Chiara, Ferrero Tiziana

Accountancy, financial reporting and tax returns

The Accountancy Department is the Firm’s throbbing heart. Its team is made up of complementary and highly specialised professionals in charge of such tasks as bookkeeping, financial reporting, preparation and electronic filing of tax returns, tax payments, electronic filings and registrations with tax offices, all under the direct responsibility of the Firm’s professionals.

The full documentation from and to our Customers is easily exchanged electronically through the website’s restricted Customer Area, in order to speed up the whole process and improve its efficiency, keep track of activities through a historic archive, communicate in real time and provide a qualitatively excellent, secure and reliable service.

Bottasso Elisabeth, Tonelli Danila

Staff Pay Management

The Staff Pay Management team assists our Customers in all formalities related to personnel payment administration with due account taken of the peculiarities of individual collective labour agreements. In particular, on behalf of our Customers, they prepare their employees’ monthly payslips, fulfil any formalities related to quasi-self-employed workers, manage bookkeeping, prepare tax, contribution and insurance payments and supervise all aspects related to employments and employment terminations. The team is directly coordinated by a labour advisor.

The Pay Management area, similarly to other areas of the Firm, is controlled by a software solution for the remote reporting of staff attendance, with the opportunity to enter data directly from the customer’s office by a simple user interface to be accessed from the restricted Customer Area of our website, thereby reducing the time required to enter and check attendances, absences and overtime.

Bottasso Elisabeth, Tonelli Danila

Garino Marisa, Magliano Silvana

Administration and Secretariat

The Firm’s Secretariat is in charge of documentation archiving, reporting on services provided, invoicing, collections, payments and all tax, welfare and administrative formalities to be fulfilled by the Firm and individual professionals. This department also fulfils formalities with the competent Company Registries, public offices and banking institutions. Other tasks include corporate bookkeeping, document drafting and anti-money laundering formalities.

Dao Ormena Daniela, Tardivo Elisa, Dutto Giulia

Front Office

The front office of a professional practice, with its customer reception area and phone exchange, provides a first contact point for Customers. The basic qualities of our staff include politeness, customer focus, discretion, proactivity and efficiency.

These qualities have for more than 40 years been a prerogative of the Cugnasco Firm to best serve our Customers and their needs.

Dao Ormena Daniela, Tardivo Elisa, Dutto Giulia